Saturday, May 5, 2012


From the victim:

"I need to include two pictures because ,my camera can not shoot a 360 .
The pictured bruises actually got bigger from the pictures.  and has encompassed my entire lower calf an into the bottom of my foot.
How did it happen? I was working my horse on the flat during warm up.  He was acting up a little bit that that but nothing special, When I chose to do laps in the arena , following the fence line.  About 5 feet in front of me was a small 2 foot  jump and the arena gate was open before the jump.  My horse thought he was not going to do this anymore the just  darted out from under me sharply to the right , and then stoped on a dime in front of the open lead pipe  fencing.   Propelling me over his left shoulder into a lead pipe arena fencing.  The large bump on my leg is the impact area and a massive hemotoma.  Nothing broken just bruised, speding one week in a  wheel chair. and on my second week of bed rest agravated and bored"


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